The next activity in eCampus Ontario Experimenter Module Five was to take a deep dive into activities that would take longer to complete and could be incorporated into my teaching practice. I spent time exploring many of the activities but I settled on the following.

Create a Course Trailer.
The examples given in the activity were marketing videos using real people (eCampus Ontario, 2019). I decided to use a short video I had created (for a daily extend) to answer the question what is in it for me (WIFM)? Course trailers are advertisements that tell students why they should be interested in a course. Essentially, it answers the WIFM.

I created this video using the video editor app (that came with my Surface Pro) and Unsplash images I plan to upload this video with my welcome announcement at the beginning of the course. The restriction of using the video editor app is I cannot save or embed the video directly into my free WordPress account. However, I was able to upload the video to Microsoft Stream an Office 365 app. Microsoft Stream works like YouTube but is closed to the organization. Since, my organization offers Office 365 to students and faculty I will be able to share it with my students.

Initially, I had too many words and they could not be read and absorbed in the short amount of time they were displayed. I had to pare down the words and extend the time that words displayed. I had to consider images that take the place of words so that I projected what I wanted to say within the time constraints. The video can be found in this tweet so you be the judge.

Snip Capture Of My Course Trailer

Create Interactive Activities Using H5P.
I know very little about coding but this tool made me feel as if I was coding. H5P states, “create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content in your browser”. To learn more and create your own account click the link

I wanted to spend time learning this tool because H5p comes with the Pressbooks (EDU) for educators account. As an Ontario educator I have access to a Pressbooks EDU account so that I can create Open Education Resources (OERs) (ecampus Ontario, 2018). The ability to add interactive activities will make reading more engaging for students. It should be noted that H5P can be used in combination with a WordPress account but it requires a paid upgrade.

Please see some Medical Terminology flash cards and fill-in-the blank drag and drop activities that I created in H5P. My hope is to add these to an OER about building a medical language vocabulary in the future.


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