Module Five in the Ontario Extend mOOC is Experimenter. In this module we started off by playing. I say playing because daily extends are small stretches that are fun. We were encouraged to complete a minimum of three daily extends in Module Five. Daily extends are short activities that take about 20 minutes and encourage creativity. The assignment instructions stated there were no prizes but suddenly there were tweets regarding the daily leader board. Similar to Yoga were you are participating for your practice (and not competition) but secretly you know you are going to hold the pose longer then the person beside you. Suffice it to say, in the opening week of the module a lot of time was spent completing daily extends.

Listed below are three of my favourite daily extends this module:

Things I learned from the daily extends:

  • I am competitive.
  • To make tweets accessible:
    • describe images in the tweets
    • capitalize each letter in a hashtag
  • Completing a creative activity gets me motivated to learn.
    • This is a key learning I will remember to offer in my own facilitation
  • There is a ton of free stuff I never knew existed such as:
  • Not all creative stretches need to involve a lot of tech. Check out this book mashup.

This image is a book title mashup for #oext56 (We Share Everything, R.Munsch + Powerful Techniques for Teaching Adults, S. Brookfield + Leading Quietly J.L. Badaracco Jr.)

eCampus Ontario. (2019). EXTEND 101-EN.1 – Extend MOOC. Module 5: Experimenter.

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