Teaching and Learning is Like Making Smoothies

Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash

This final activity in Module 1: Teacher for Learning in the eCampus Ontario Mooc is to explorer my metaphor for teaching.

My metaphor for teaching and learning is smoothies. A smoothie has a solid protein base and I liken this is the content of my subject matter. When I first started preparing smoothies I stuck to to basic flavours such as banana and vanilla.

Then as I gained more confidence I tried different recipes maybe one day berry and the next day mango. I equate this to incorporating new teaching and learning strategies into my lessons. If I am having an off day I might go back to banana but that will get boring. So, I will seek out new recipes and see what new flavours are available

If I really want to step out of my comfort zone I will try adding in vegetables, at first they are not as sweet as fruit but they provide the people drinking the smoothie with energy. I liken this to stretching myself by incorporating new teaching strategies that I find challenging into my lessons. At first it looks different and I am not sure it is something to use in a smoothie and the students are not sure either. However, as they become engaged with the new flavour a new energy is in the room.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

No matter which flavours I try I am always providing nutrients to my students. They get to try different recipes until they find a few flavours that they really like. I encourage them to experiment and come up with new recipes of their own and then share those recipes. I liken this to guiding student’s learning while encouraging students to find their own path.

I really want my students to like smoothies and I want them to know that smoothies are for everyone. However, maybe the flavour is not right. On occasion I have to accept that some students do not like smoothies. I have to help them find their drink maybe it is not a smoothie maybe it is a cup of tea.

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