Mind Mapping for Relaxation and Memory

One of my favourite relaxation activities is to sit down with a cup of rooibos tea and colour. So, I was pretty excited to jump into this next activity and use the sketch pad on my Surface Pro to draw out “in colour” a mind map. While I have used mind mapping before I typically use it for review before a midterm or final exam. I had never considered using it to map out a course syllabus.

Screen Capture from Sketch Pad

As a former administrator I love to organize and categorize items. I have to tell you this mind map is pretty messy and not something I would likely share with students.

So with my committment to try new flavours I downloaded this free mind map app from Microsoft called M8. It is easier to read (then my freehand one) and was fairly easy to use. I was hooked once I discovered it converted my writing to text. The drawback is you can only access colours if you are willing to pay.

Screen capture of M8 Mind Map

This activity has expanded the way I will use mind mapping in the future. I think this will be a creative way to lesson plan and remember the important connections I need to make when delivering course material. A replacement for colouring? Maybe.

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