The Final activity in the Ontario Extend, Collaborator Module was to map my PLN. The instructions had asked us to map a particular project. However, I extended beyond the instructions because I wanted to get a sense of who was already part of my PLN and where I want to develop my PLN.

The tool I used for this mind mapping exercise is Coggle It is a simple sign up process with either a Google or Microsoft account. The free subscription allows for three diagrams and eight colours. I am able to invite people to collaborate with me on my diagram. The paid plan includes extra configuration features, insertion of images and additional colours.

As I suspected many in my PLN are from my institution and speaks to the collaborative resources at Conestoga. I would like to extend my PLN to consider members with similar interests outside of my institution. I can see that many of my new connections have come from my interest in eCampus Ontario and the connections I have made through this mOOC. I hope to further develop those connections.

The top right of my map are my social media accounts and I can see the focus has been on Twitter. I know that this development in my PLN has been is due to my participation in the eCampus Ontario mOOC. I hope to expand beyond twitter as some of my branches are thin.

In the bottom right are my future aspirations and I have indicated those by my educational interests and future pursuits. I hope a year from now I can revisit this map and add to the bottom right corner. The good news is spring just started and there is lots of time to fill in those branches.

eCampus Ontario. (2019). EXTEND 101-EN.1 – Extend MOOC. Module 4: Collaborator

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